Monday, October 10, 2011

This Moment~

Doing the Best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment~Oprah

I am working hard at being about the business of my birth.  I am old enough now to embrace why I am here and to know that it is valid.  When I was younger it was easy to dismiss the longings in my heart or the unctions that I felt since they never seemed to line up with what I saw or assumed others felt.  

Then I got older and knew I couldn't ignore the "thing" I felt calling me, so I tried to satisfy in a way that would fit the constructs I knew and understood: the constructs I felt surrounded me.  To no avail.  I tried marketing firms, art galleries, poetry nights, publishing houses, real name it, I tried it.  What I was doing was trying to fit what I loved to do and honestly felt I was born to do into existing platforms.  Deep down I felt that what I was to do, I would create.  But I wasn't ready.  

So then I figured that God would just make it happen since I didn't know the steps needed to make "it" happen.  So I waited.  And while waiting I started doing what I felt I was born to do right where I was.  I started talking to people and getting their stories.  I started helping find meaning in their stories and before long, others wanted to tell me their stories.  Ahhhh...I was in heaven.  I would set up an interview and film it.  And, by the end me and the interviewee were both inspired.  I felt in my groove.  This is why I am on this planet.  This is my birth right.  But how do I take it to the next step?  How do I follow through to do what I feel is holding my hand and asking me to come this way?  For the voice never says what "this way" clearly is, it just nudges and pulls me further.  

The next thing I knew we were back in Charlotte and I was going to Broadcasting School and getting the skills I needed to go into the next moment.   I hadn't heard of this broadcasting school nor was it in plan, I just went to the next step, which was Charlotte.  When I did that the school appeared.  I got a scholarship and the rest is history.  I graduated in June and now I'm at the next step.  I now have a production partner and he and I are creating content daily.  I have interviews lined up weekly.  You may be asking, "where the heck are you going to show all this content Cha?"...

I don't know, but I know it's the next step.  And life has taught me that the next step always arises~ 

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