Friday, March 22, 2013

Beyond The Frame

There are always options that exist beyond the frame work of our imagination.  We get our imagination from 3 things.  It comes from what we 1) have experienced, 2) have seen, or 3) have been taught.  There are always things we have not experienced, seen or been taught.  We haven't learned or felt all that there is.  This is a fact.  So when you look at life and you you feel trapped because your frame work can't come up with one more option.  Know that that is merely a limitation of sight.  So unless you have experienced, seen or been taught all there is to ever know...there exist an option outside the frame.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hearing God

Hearing God

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I hear God and if I hear Him at all.  What I know is that I have experiences daily that I  need to talk to God about and want to hear what to do , or what “next step” to take.  I have yet to hear an audible voice tell me what street to stroll down , corner to turn  or path to take.  But strange things happen as I take the next step that is before me; serendipitous things start to occur.

I see the billboard, while driving home from work, that leads me to that very thing I have been praying about.  Or, I meet that person that introduces me to a supplement that addresses a health issue I’ve been putting before God for some time.  

In the ether of life, as I walk, pray and talk with I try to be everything he dreamt and everything He wants me to be, I see Him unfolding His voice in the motion of my days.  You see, with great finesse God speaks to me in the magical movement of life.  I use to get mad that I didn’t hear Him.  I use to pray and try to invoke the God of the Old Testament that speaks to people in a voice of thunder on mountain tops.  I use to do all of this until I realized that I SEE His voice.  My life mirrors conversations I have with God.  He makes my life look like what we chat about all the time...yes indeed, the serendipitous voice of God.