Thursday, September 20, 2007

The other day I saw a huge weed at the side of my art space was a huge tree. Kind of embarrassing that I let it get that big, but it seemed to have emerged from no-where overnight. When I say "it was a huge tree", I really mean most would have mistaken it for a sapling tree (it was big as far as weeds go). I looked at it and thought that I would call Bernardo, my lawn care guy, and tell him to uproot it next time he came. As I thought this I was walking towards it getting a good look up close. Just as I thought, it was huge and beyond my gardening skills. But for some reason, I bent and grabbed it by its base and pulled with all my might...the craziest thing happened: it came up with ease and I fell back on the grass (having exerted too much energy). That "huge" weed had little to no root system.

Though it looked impressive from the ground up (making me think I couldn't up root it), it had nothing holding it underneath. This made me think of so many things in my life that intimidate me from the outside. There are things that I don't do because it seems too hard, too deep, too insurmountable...too everything. There are walls that I don't try to scale because I don't know where to start or because it looks to big for me. This weed showed me the power of perception and the beauty of truth. My perception was, "it's too big for me to remove". The truth was, "it had no root system". What things really are and how they look often exists a disparity. How many things have I not done because I believed the perception instead of what was truth. Sometimes, truth takes a little digging to find. But the moment we start it becomes evident. I'm no longer going to let the weeds in life intimidate me. The least I can do is dig...chances are that what lies beneath is doable.